course »WisdomPath Ways Reparative Parenting Model – Session 5 Spanish

Date: 4/21/2023, 10:00 am—12:00 pm
County: -Training Offerings
Sponsor: Alternative Family Services (AFS)
Phone: (916) 254-5200
This is part 5 of a 5 part series. The WPW RP Approach is a culturally inclusive parent-child coaching model for resource, adoptive, and biological parents who are raising children with trauma-exposed, childhood experiences that result in emotional and behavioral disturbances. The WPW RP Approach teaches parents that the LifeSpace children are born into provides the training ground for the child’s developmental journey in which the brain itself is learning and encoding “what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.” The WPW RP Approach first illuminates the relational intersection between the traumatized child’s developing brain/body and the parent’s challenging job to identify and heal the “stuck” places in attachment, self-regulation, interpersonal relationships, and compliance to the social contract of rules, limits, and boundaries. Secondly, the WPW RP Approach provides parents with strategic methods and tools to help children “surrender to belonging” and to rediscover their innate desire to connect, fit, and belong within the relational LifeSpace the parents inhabit. This 15-hour training introduces key components of the WPW RP Approach to caregivers to shift their understanding of parenting from behavior management/control to a relational, coaching approach in which they can confidently teach their children the social contract of “this is what we do and how we do it.” These reparative parent-child LifeSpace coaching moments help promote the development of self-love, self discipline, and self-regulation for these children. The WPW RP Approach highlights the parent-child relationship and larger family system as unique dyadic and multi-relational units of enduring value that serve as the fundamental training ground for the child’s successful participation in the greater social community. Human children, like the young of all mammalian species, require the addition of parents to not only protect and nurture but to have the necessary knowledge and authority to teach and coach how to be human; the nexus of which includes acceptable and unacceptable conduct, development of a value system and moral code, and adaptive defensive strategies.