course »Understanding How to Incorporate Expressive Arts into Work with System-Involved Youth

Date: 12/13/2021, 9:15 am—4:45 pm
County: Training Offerings
CEUs: 6
Sponsor: A Better Way, Inc.
Phone: 510-601-0203
This interactive workshop will apply expressive arts to healing-centered work with system-involved youth. We will utilize the Attachment Regulation and Competency (ARC) model as well as neurobiologically-informed principles to guide our learning. Activities will explore interventions that best respond to a youth’s regulation and safety needs. Clinicians will learn activities that promote attunement, regulation, and self expression, as well as discuss how they apply to stages of chronological and functional development. Additionally, we will journey into our own evolving relationship with creative practice and enlist expressive arts to support us with clinical self-reflection.