course »Supporting Families In Care: Effective Ways to Help Clients and Colleagues Heal from Institutional and Internalized Oppression

Date: 7/14/2020, 9:15 am—12:15 pm
County: Distance Learning
Sponsor: Family Paths, Inc.
Phone: 510-893-9230
Online Class

One of the most insidious outcomes of internalized oppression is that the oppressor no longer need be present. Once messages of subordination are planted in there, the oppression begins to live and thrive within, and serves as a barrier to one’s own better outcomes.

It is critical to examine one’s positionality in relation to others and also consider how dominant and subordinated statuses intersect to shape experiences in distinctive ways. First, understanding the system of oppression, the historical underpinnings that set the foundation for the cycle and system of oppression, is the first step to dismantling it. Then, challenging the ways in which childhood socialization sets the stage for internalizing the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors required for our subordination.

This course provides participants with a broader understanding of all the specific ways in which people experience oppression within the child welfare system. We will name ways these internal messages continue to oppress us from within, and ways to begin to liberate oneself and heal from institutional and internalized oppression.