course »Supporting “At Risk” Children with Disabilities during COVID-19 Distance Learning: What Community Healthcare Providers Need to Know

Date: 11/10/2021, 9:00 am—11:00 am
County: Training Offerings
Sponsor: WestCoast Children’s Clinic
Phone: 510-269-9030
Supporting system involved youth to ensure educational success has always been a key intervention that mitigates long term risks. The current public health emergency has created significant education challenges for all children, but for many of our most vulnerable children, particularly system involved youth (or those at risk of entering these systems) with disabilities in need of individualized support through IEP or 504 plans, lack of access to any meaningful education because of emergency school closures has had a devastating impact. Important mental health services critical to stabilization have not been consistently available, key academic supports have been difficult to access and essential social, emotional and behavioral services disrupted.

This training focuses on how community based professionals can support caregiver advocacy effectively during distance learning and help document challenges and needs in written reports and at school meetings. We will focus on basic rights caregivers and professionals need to understand to advocate effectively for these youth, how to empower families through appropriate recommendations and clinical information, and ensure that even if services are provided “differently” during COVID-19, they are provided adequately.