course »Supporting Asian-American/Pacific Islander LGBTQ+ Youth & Families

Date: 12/1/2021, 9:30 am—4:30 pm
County: Training Offerings
Sponsor: Seneca Family of Agencies
Phone: 510-654-4004
This course examines the intersection between Asian-American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, & queer (LGBTQ+) communities, with a focus on supporting AAPI LGBTQ+ youth and their families in socioemotional well-being. Participants will learn foundational terms, frameworks, and developmental models related to gender & sexuality, as well as social, cultural, and historical information about AAPI communities. Through multimedia, small & large group discussion, and roleplay, participants will gain knowledge and skills to better equip them to be culturally responsive to AAPI youth who are questioning their sexuality and/or gender, and to refer their networks of support to culturally responsive community resources.