course »Stress and it’s Impact on our Physiological Survival

Date: 11/8/2021, 1:00 pm—3:00 pm
County: Training Offerings
Virtual Instructor Led Training
Sponsored by Redwood Community Services

Via an interactive lecture style this class is designed to help understand what toxic stress can do to our bodies.

The stress response is triggered when an individual perceives that environmental demands tax or exceed his or her adaptive capacity. This training focuses on the occurrence of environmental events that are consensually judged as taxing one’s ability to cope or on individual responses to events that are indicative of this overload and the downstream consequences of exposure to toxic stress.

This training is intended for those that work with children and youth within the child welfare system. This includes child welfare workers, resource parents, youth sports coaches, youth mentors, teachers, law enforcement and volunteers/staff working with this population. Trainer: Isabel Fazzone

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