course »Relationships, Developmental Disruptions and Pathways for Growth: How Lessons from Early Childhood Can Help Us Build Alliances and Use Our Feelings to Improve Interventions

Date: 3/7/2023, 8:30 am—11:00 am
County: -Training Offerings
CEUs: 2.5
Sponsor: Family Paths, Inc.
Phone: 510-893-9230
Training Summary: In looking at the relationship between caregiver and child, development depends on this relationship. Security and acceptance support growth. However, when there is trauma, these developmental moments are interfered with leading to developmental disruptions. This is where we must seek pathways to grow by creating alliances with parents and caregivers, using their feelings and our own to better support the development of infants and young children. This training serves as an introduction to a practical, contemporary psychoanalytic clinical approach to working with children and families during infancy and early childhood. Particularly, we will look at how we can use one’s feelings as information in evaluation and treatment. This training will incorporate case examples, videos, and didactic lecture. Participants will be able to: -Integrate specific feelings as information for interventions -Identify 2-3 ways that trauma transmits across generations -Evaluate how parents and infants shape one another’s behaviors -Explain how babies are born ready to relate to other people
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