course »Promoting and Overseeing Racial Equity Accountability Work within Child Welfare Systems

Date: 11/6/2020, 10:00 am—11:30 am
County: Training Offerings
Sponsor: WestCoast Children’s Clinic
Phone: 510-269-9030
Online Training

This group will further engage providers and supervisors within child welfare systems with space to explore the impact that racial inequality has had on the foster youth served in California. Participants will explore how socialization processes and subsequently the impact on child welfare work and systems has had. Participants will be asked to reflect on racial inequality embedded within past practices and policies, and will be encouraged to look at new strategies for promoting racial equity. We will discuss the impact of racial inequality as well as how to use racial privilege toward shifting some of these dynamics toward becoming multicultural allies.

Participants will have an opportunity to engage in deeper reflection, inquiry and conversation with one another around next steps toward identifying and understanding personal and professional accountability and responsibility in regards to race, especially as it pertains to youth in foster care who are predominantly racial and ethnic minorities. We will explore how racial privilege can be experienced as a powerful component to shifting racial consciousness within complex child serving systems. We will also discuss what accountability and responsibility can look like in the context of child welfare systems, as well as among other providers who identify as a BIPOC. This group will also support participants engaging in deeper learning around how to self-regulate in multiracial spaces and in cross-racial dialogue.