course »Preventing Bias for Providers Working with Youth in Social Systems

Date: 11/9/2020, 9:00 am—1:00 pm
County: Training Offerings
CEUs: 4
Sponsor: Lincoln
Phone: 510-273-4700, ext. 4331
Online Training

This training will assist providers in reflecting on their own power and privilege within their personal identities, while also considering the intersectional context of their youth clients in out of home care. Through personal assessment, group discussion, and multimedia. Participants will define micro aggressions, bias, power and privilege, and learn to recognize them. Finally, through group activity and role-play, participants will develop personal strategies to support when witnessing the perpetration of damaging messages and embody what it feels like to respond in uncomfortable situations, particularly if clients or colleagues are not responsive to feedback. All definitions will be discussed in the context of systems-involved youth.