course »Insight into Understanding Behaviors

Date: 11/9/2021, 3:00 pm—5:00 pm
County: Training Offerings
Virtual Instructor Led Training
Sponsored by Redwood Community Services

Behaviors are a child’s way of communicating with the outside world. Whether that communication is effective or ineffective, it can leave a parent feeling like they are constantly trying to put out fires. A child who cannot self regulate and throws tantrums constantly puts a strain on the parent-child relationship. This can impact the climate of the whole household, including other siblings, and lead to a negative spiral.

Ditto for friendships: Kids who don’t have the ability to control their feelings or behavior can have a harder time making or keeping friends. The inability to self-regulate emotions can lead to traits like anger, aggression, withdrawal or anxiety.

Emotional regulation or self regulation is the ability to monitor and modulate which emotions one has, when you have them, and how you experience and express them. Learning to self-regulate is a key milestone in child development – whose foundations are laid in the earliest years of life.

The challenge for foster parents and educators is to find new ways of understanding the interactions between a child and his or her environment so that useful interventions can be developed that lead to lasting behavior change. In this training we will learn how to:
  • Interpret your child’s needs
  • Make changes in the environment
  • Provide opportunities to make choices
  • Provide reinforcement for appropriate behavior
  • Teach appropriate pro-social behaviors.
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