course »Guiding & Coaching System Involved Youth toward Constructive Summer-Time Activities that Support Positive Outcomes

Date: 4/11/2023, 10:00 am—12:00 pm
County: -Training Offerings
CEUs: 2
Sponsor: Fred Finch Youth & Family Services
Phone: 510-482-2244
One of the most significant challenges for those supporting system involved youth is to effectively engage youth and families and help them build constructive, transformational behaviors that are sustainable and lead to healthy community engagement and improved outcomes for system involved youth. By exploring how to Guide and Coach System Involved Youth to Be Engaged in Summer and After School Programs, this can foster emotional development and wellbeing for system involved youth as well as strengthen their resilience and ability to heal from traumatic events so that they can lead a life with meaningful engagement that supports their future success. Practicing and sharing the methods outlined by this workshop will allow us to improve the practice of how we empower system-involved youth and families.