course »Emotional Freedom Techniques: Mind-Body Treatment Approach to the Anxiety Spectrum Disorders

Date: 12/3/2021, 9:00 am—12:00 pm
County: Training Offerings
CEUs: Yes
Sponsor: East Bay Agency for Children
Phone: 510-844-5370, Ext. 4135
The Emotional Freedom Techniques aka as Tapping are an evidenced-based, mind-body treatment that treats the thought, the emotion and the associated physical discomfort. By using EFT to quiet these 3 aspects, negative behavior also diminishes. These untreated mental health aspects create a lot of havoc for children and their families. Neuroscience is pointing to the aroused Autonomic nervous system and the effects of chronic fight, flight and freeze has on the body’s immune , digestive, elimination, heart and circulatory systems – all that may contribute to illness. These protective practices were meant to be short term reactions, but anxiety and worry keep them activated. Children in the welfare system are more at risk. EFT quiets these systems and allows the body a chance to heal. Working with children require special skills. Help children release use EFT on the small “t” traumas of childhood can affect lifetime changes. These often burgeon into lifetime phobias or fears that interfere with life. A teased, laughed at child doing a classroom speech may become the adult unable to advance at work due to this ingrained fear of public speaking. Socially anxious teens may be left out, not date, and not work outside the home with these limitations following them into life. Also learn special, but gentle EFT ways to work with big “T” traumatized children, those frequently found in the child welfare system, including an EFT technique called the Tearless Trauma Technique and also using EFT to quiet the body first.