course »Deepening the Understanding of Complex and Vicarious Trauma

Date: 3/23/2023, 10:00 am—12:00 pm
County: -Training Offerings
Sponsor: WestCoast Children’s Clinic
Phone: 510-269-9030
Youth at the Assessment Center of Alameda County may be arriving with exposure to various types and instances of traumatic experiences, also known as complex trauma. For providers who support them through their transition of placement, there is a higher likelihood for experiencing vicarious trauma from hearing about the details of the youth’s exposure to trauma. To add to this, the process of transitioning placement can add to the felt experience of trauma for some youth, and increase their acuity of pre-existing behavioral or emotional needs. For some, this may lead to 5150 hospitalizations and further traumatic transition/removal. This training provides context for the challenges faced by service providers within that setting, and utilizes case presentations in order to discuss and develop an understanding of how trauma manifests within this setting, and service/support strategies in order to de-escalate youth in crisis and decrease traumatization of youth at the AC.