course »Creating and Sustaining an Anti-Oppressive Child Welfare Community Part 3: Understanding Anti-Asianness, Anti-Latineness, Systemic Racism, and Hypernationalism

Date: 5/2/2022, 9:15 am—4:45 pm
County: Training Offerings
CEUs: 6
Sponsor: A Better Way, Inc.
Phone: 510-601-0203
“Understanding hypernationalism, nativism, and anti-immigrant sentiment is an important piece of understanding the structure and function of systemic racism in the US, as these have been embedded into the foundation of the United States, and impact us at every level of society. What it means to be american is most often defined by what it is not, causing different populations and identities to be othered to serve the goals of systems of oppression. Asians for example have been positioned as the model minority, while omitting structural factors for the success of Asian-Americans, and as perpetual outsiders, regardless of length of time an individual or family has been in the United States. The criminalized of Latine identity to allows for both the imposition of immigration restrictions, and a scapegoating of Latine individuals for economic problems while benefitting those deemed to be “”real Americans.”” Until we are open to reflection on how we have internalized anti-immigrant oppression and upheld white supremacist and hypernationalist ideals, we will not be able to liberate ourselves and generations to come from the impacts of oppression. This day-long workshop will provide attendees with language, historical knowledge, and a safe space for guided examination of our anti-Latine, anti-Asian, and anti-immigrant socialization. Through group process, experiential activity, lecture, and reflection, attendees will be supported in learning the history, construction, and institutionalization of anti-Latine, anti-Asian, and hyper-nationalist sentiment in systems of oppression. We will also begin to imagine new possibilities for the existence of immigrant and other identities outside of an oppressive model.