course »Conceptualizing Latine Family Engagement & Assessment w/ Film Encanto

Date: 6/17/2022, 9:15 am—12:45 pm
County: Training Offerings
CEUs: 3
Sponsor: Family Paths, Inc.
Phone: 510-893-9230
“Training Summary: The Disney film, Encanto has been praised for its story, amazing characters, and cultural depiction of the Latine culture. It, also, has generated a lot of interest in the mental health field due to its illustration of intergenerational trauma and healing. Therefore, in this workshop, participants will study and analyze parts of the film to inform their work in providing services to Latine families, especially those who have experienced historical and intergenerational trauma. Characters, their relationships, and symbolism will be analyzed to identify engagement and assessment strategies for Latine families served in community mental health.   Participants will be able to: -review, at least 3 ways, in which the film Encanto depicts the richness of the Latine culture within a family system. -identify, at least 3 ways, in which the film illustrates how the impact of intergenerational trauma can manifest in families, including relationships, identity, and re-traumatization. -identify, at least 5 ways, in which this review of the film can support service delivery to Latine families in community mental health. TO REGISTER