course »Unconscious Harm: The Impact That Implicit Bias Have on System Involved Youth

Date: 4/24/2018, 9:00 am—4:00 pm
County: Alameda County
CEUs: 6.25
Location: Oakland
Sponsor: Fred Finch Youth & Family Services
Phone: 510-482-2244
Most case managers, service providers, and other people who work with system involved youth want nothing more than to see their clients live happy and prosperous lives. However, there is an elephant in the room that is not often discussed. This is referring to the bias and stereotypes that these youth experience on a regular basis that often act as barriers that inhibit success in so many ways. What are these biases that are often unconscious and invisible? How do they impact other people’s perceptions of these youth? How do they shape the self-esteem and belief systems that youth battle against on their healing journey? These are all questions that will be explored in this training. This introduction to Diversity education will guide participants on an interactive path toward self discovery and reflection in order to better understand the starting place that system involved youth are at in comparison to everyone else and how this impacts their attitudes, motives, and sense of self. Participants will also explore the link between Restorative Practices, mindfulness, and implicit bias during this training.