course »Termination with Caregivers and Families

Date: 6/4/2020, 9:00 am—10:30 am
County: Alameda County
Sponsor: WestCoast Children’s Clinic
Phone: 510-269-9030
Online Class
This seminar will address the systemic and service contexts for both the youth and providers that influence the predetermined endings of youth. We will examine our own and our youth’s tendencies and common dynamics in relationships that come up around endings; whether it be to ignore and deny, or the anxiety of wanting to end everything perfectly. We will consider the context of youth, some of whom are in foster care or adopted, who have many losses over their lifetime; and how to support them in a possible reparative experience through use of self. In order to enrich and put in to practice the concepts we’ll go over, the trainer will provide some examples and will encourage participants to bring current case examples to make discussion most relevant and useful.