course »Teaching Youth to Practice Mindfulness in their Daily Lives – 28 BBS CEUs

Date: 7/2/2015, 3:00 pm—5:00 pm
County: Alameda County
CEUs: 28 BBS
Location: Oakland
Sponsor: Seneca Family of Agencies
Phone: 510-654-4004
Are you interested in more deeply incorporating mindfulness and emotional awareness training into your group and individual work with youth? Are you interested in developing your capacity for authentic facilitation? Are you interested in deepening your mindfulness practice? Are you interested in learning more about the neuroscience of attention, emotion, and resilience?

Applied Mindfulness is offering a train-the-trainer course for those interested in leading mindfulness-based work with youth in group or one-on-one contexts. This 14-session course will meet for two hours weekly from February through May, and offer CEUs to participants. Participants will gain familiarity with leading a mindfulness-based curriculum while deepening their experience of mindfulness practice and honing their authentic facilitation skills.

Participants can expect to learn about facilitation, including mindful listening, embodied teaching, teaching to the present moment, and working with resistance.

You’ll learn fundamentals of facilitating an awareness-based curriculum, including information about the inner and outer worlds, using basic goodness as a growth strategy, and the neurophysiology of threat. You’ll learn how to pitch, talk about, and facilitate basic mindfulness. You’ll learn exercises for helping youth develop somatic awareness, exercises for developing emotional awareness including working with negative/ challenging emotions, and exercises to support interconnection. You’ll have the opportunity to grow within a supportive community of peers. This course is highly experiential, with lots of opportunity to practice facilitating, and should give you the tools and competencies to run your own mindfulness groups effectively.

  • Participants will strengthen their facilitation skills by developing more presence, mindful listening, an ability to teach to the present moment, and greater facility working with resistance
  • Participants will learn fundamentals of teaching an awareness-based curriculum, including how to deal with stress and trauma in youth participants, inner vs. outer world awareness, and how to leverage basic goodness as a growth strategy
  • Participants will learn how to pitch, talk about, and teach basic mindfulness
  • Participants will learn how to support the development of somatic and emotional awareness, including helping youth work with negative emotions, and develop a stronger sense of connection with others and with nature
  • Participants will deepen their mindfulness practice and commitment to working mindfully
This class is one of a series, concluding 10/8/2015.