course »Social Worker CSEC Training

Date: 11/7/2017, 9:00 am—4:30 pm
County: Solano County
CEUs: Yes
Location: Fairfield
Sponsor: A Better Way, Inc.
Phone: 510-601-0203
People often wonder why someone doesn’t just run from their abuser. Using her personal perspective as a Survivor of sex trafficking, Elle Snow shares her experience of becoming a victim of extreme coercion, trauma bonding, and Stockholm syndrome, helping attendees understand why it took her 8 months to finally run from her trafficker. This training will address sex trafficking 101, the power of coercion, how our brains react to trauma, how to communicate with a Survivors, and how we can assist in their healing process. This eye-opening training is recommended for anyone working with potential victims of sex trafficking or extreme trauma. Suggested for victim advocates, service providers, foster parents, and crisis responders.