course »Racial Identity Development and Socialization

Date: 3/29/2018, 10:00 am—12:00 pm
County: Alameda County
Location: Oakland
Sponsor: WestCoast Children’s Clinic
Phone: 510-269-9030
Youth in care are at times placed in homes of dissimilar racial makeup of their biological famiilies. Because of this, understanding how to support youth and families around this element of child development and cultural competence is critically important. This training will consider the processes of racial socialization and the ways in which service providers can support youth and families exploration of racial identity and development. The presenter will describe theories and research related to racial socialization, including: (1) children’s developing conceptions of race and racial bias, (2) children’s experiences of racism and discrimination, (3) impacts of racism on youth, and (4) processes of racial identity development.