course »Promoting Development of Resilience among Youth in Foster Care Part 2

Date: 9/24/2015, 10:00 am—1:00 pm
County: Solano County
Location: Suisun
Sponsor: Alternative Family Services (AFS)
Phone: (916) 254-5200
This 2 part course will provide an overview of how to effectively work with clients, foster parents and other professionals. The goal is to identify, strengthen, and build resiliency in children. Many young people in foster care have experienced considerable challenges that place them at risk of negative adult outcomes: poverty, separation, abuse, neglect, loss and disruption. Yet with the right support systems, they can develop resilience in the face of adversity. When young people develop resilience, they are able to cope with, adapt to, and recover from even the most substantial challenges. Developing resilience is markedly essential for young people leaving foster care to grow and succeed as adults.Participants will have a better understanding of how to promote resilience. The development of resilience is the result of human adaptive process and assets interacting with one another. People develop resilience because of the interaction of the following factors: healthy brain development, including the capacity for cognition; healthy attachment relationships, including parenting relationships; the motivation and ability to learn and engage with the environment; the ability to regulate emotions and behavior, and supportive environmental systems that include education, cultural beliefs, and faith based communities.

  • Identify, strengthen and build resiliency in children
  • Participants will learn tools to promote resilience, not focus on negative behaviors
  • Help build a strong foundation for developing problem solving and social skills in youth.