course »Pre-Service Training for Resource Parents

Date: 1/13/2018, 9:00 am—5:00 pm
County: Solano County
Location: Vallejo
Sponsor: Alternative Family Services (AFS)
Phone: (916) 254-5200
This presentation is designed to prepare resource families to work with youth in the foster care system. Participants will receive a better understanding of the foster care system structure and explore how to provide a well-planned, safe, and secure environment designed to meet children’s individual and unique needs, and how to create an environment that promotes children’s social emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Participants will review the County’s Core Competencies Title 22 (CCL) Regulations, Child Growth and Development, Child Abuse Reporting, Medication Guidelines, Discipline, Cultural Diversity Working with Biological Families and meeting client’s educational needs.

  1. Participant will identify and review key elements of successful foster parenting.
  2. Participants will reflect an understanding of Title 22 (CCL) Regulations,
  3. Participants will receive understanding of Client Rights, Child Abuse Reporting and the Intake Process.
  4. Understand Roles and Goals of the Treatment Team.