course »Mental Health First Aid: Strategies to Support Children and Families Involved in the Foster Care System Part 1

Date: 1/11/2019, 9:00 am—1:30 pm
County: Alameda County
Location: Oakland
Sponsor: East Bay Agency for Children
Phone: 510-844-5370, Ext. 4135
The Youth Mental Health First Aid training course is designed to teach people methods of assisting a young person who may be in the early stages of developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. The course is designed for members of the public who have frequent contact with youth and young adults such as parents, school staff, sport coaches, and youth workers/volunteers. In addition to addressing adolescent aged youth, Youth Mental Health First Aid also addresses the needs of transition age youth, those between ages 18 and 25, because it is during this time that many young people leave home to be on their own. At this age, some young people may be transitioning out of child service systems, such as child welfare, and into adult service systems. Youth Mental Health First Aid acknowledges that many youth and young adults with mental health challenges have been victims of violence or have experienced trauma. All approaches offered in Youth Mental Health First Aid take into account sensitivity to personal experience of interpersonal violence, including sexual abuse, severe neglect, loss and the witnessing of violence, terrorism or disaster.