course »Impact of Institutional Racism on Service Delivery in Community Mental Health

Date: 6/22/2018, 9:00 am—4:00 pm
County: Contra Costa County
CEUs: 6
Location: Pittsburg
Institutional racism is a thread that has been woven into our country’s history and continues to be present today. For some, it feels covert and, for others, it feels very visible and present in their daily life. Therefore, it is important to increase our awareness and knowledge related to the ways in which institutional racism haunts our daily lives and interactions, including in the work we do so that we can truly hear the voices of those affected. Services typically serve the disenfranchised and those who have experienced generations of complex challenges, such as poverty, racism, and historical trauma. It is our responsibility to work towards increasing our understanding of how such complex issues, such as racism, continue to be a barrier in recovery and healing as it continues to impact systematically and individually. It is essential that we work as a community to reduce the likelihood of being complicit to systematic racism and continuing to perpetuate the cycles related to trauma and racism that continues to place marginalized populations in a further vulnerable state of living.
  1. Define Institutional Racism and its impact on typical communities served.
  2. Identify ways in which organizations and services may experience challenges in reducing racism in service delivery.
  3. Review strategies in increasing awareness, knowledge, and interventions that address challenges caused by institutional racism.
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