course »Ensuring Cultural Competence When Working with Youth in Foster Care

Date: 2/27/2016, 10:00 am—1:00 pm
County: Solano County
Location: Suisun
Sponsor: Alternative Family Services (AFS)
Phone: (916) 254-5200
This training provides an introduction to cultural Competency strategies in a strength-based approach to client management and service delivery that considers in all aspect of assessment, treatment, care and discharge. The focus of this training is to help participants understand the role of culture in society and the reasons for the development of different cultural values, patterns, and behavior in response to society‚Äôs demands. Participants will learn how cultural diversity is appropriate and logical in response to needs, i.e. that individuals never “just” are different. Participants will learn how diversity relates to the perceived mainstream culture. The roles that pre-prejudice, prejudice, bigotry, and racism play psycho dynamically as well as developmentally will help participants become aware of their own attitudes with regard to diversity. Using the participants’ greater insight and awareness, pragmatic applications for healthy and respectful cross-cultural interaction will be introduced.

Learning Objectives:
  • Participants will be able to identify the benefits and challenges of Cultural competence.
  • Participants will explore definitions in diversity and culture; identify awareness of personal stages of cultural competence; practices skills in cross cultural communication
  • Participants will develop an action plan towards becoming culturally competent, both individually and in their service delivery system.