course »Understanding Traditional Spiritual Practices for Professionals Working with System Involved Youth and Families

Date: 11/13/2020, 10:00 am—12:00 pm
County: Training Offerings
Sponsor: East Bay Agency for Children
Phone: 510-844-5370, Ext. 4135
Online Class

This training is for all service providers who work with system involved youth and families. The facilitator will guide discussions of how to communicate with awareness around spirituality and daily practices. Information will be provided about: understanding psychological benefits of a daily spiritual practice, identifying challenges to maintaining a daily spiritual practice and addressing judgement and fear around discussion of daily spiritual practices. The facilitator will create a safe space for providers to assess identity, judgement and beliefs around such conversation with youth and families. There will be a place for providers to share how these belief around these conversations affect their ability to be proactive in support of client spiritual practices.