course »Three Specific Trauma Reactions – Hoarding Food, Battling Bedtime, and Lying

Date: 5/10/2022, 1:00 pm—3:00 pm
County: Training Offerings
Sponsor: Aldea Children & Family Services
Phone: 707-557-4560
Most foster youth have experienced some form of trauma, and many have complex trauma responses from multiple assaults on their sense of self. We will focus on 3 challenging behaviors many traumatized foster youths enact: hoarding/hiding food, refusal to go to bed and habitual lying. Participants will gain a broader understanding from the perspective of the youth and the why they employ these strategies. By approaching these challenging behaviors from a trauma-sensitive lens, participants can better fit their response to what need is being communicated. By the end of the training, participants will have a feel for how to help their foster children identify the triggers of these behaviors and change their coping skills to more appropriate ones.