course »CSEC 101

Date: 12/3/2020, 9:30 am—4:30 pm
County: Training Offerings
CEUs: 5.5
Sponsored by Children’s Hospital, Oakland

Nola Brantley Speaks has partnered with UCSF to facilitate “Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) 101.” This training provides an in-depth overview of CSEC within the larger legal framework of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act followed by a review of current statistics about CSEC. Next, the training discusses myths about involvement in CSEC as well as the demand of CSEC. The training then discusses the pathways and precursors to involvement in CSEC. Participants will hear case studies of CSEC survivors to highlight the risk factors for CSEC recruitment. Next, the training will provide an overview of the impact of CSEC, specifically looking at the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social impacts of CSEC involvement. Participants will learn about Stockholm Syndrome and trauma bonds and be able to relate these concepts to CSEC victims. This will be followed by an overview of victim identification and engagement. The training will end with a discussion on service delivery.

The training will include lecture, large group discussions, video clips, and an excerpt from a book.

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