course »Cooperative Relationships: Conflict Resolution and Courageous Conversations to Improve Outcomes for Youth – 2.5 CE Credits

Date: 9/24/2019, 9:15 am—12:15 pm
County: Alameda County
CEUs: 2.5
Location: Oakland
Sponsor: Seneca Family of Agencies
Phone: 510-654-4004
Providers and caregivers in the child welfare or probation systems can practice and apply these skills and tools in their own professional work context as well as teach and apply these skills specifically to their work with youth and families.

Our willingness or tendency to avoid conflict goes back to our first experiences in childhood with conflict. How was it handled in your household? What was modeled for you? A common socialized behavior is to try and keep things ‘nice’, don’t make waves. This workshop provides participants with practical theories and tools about how to engage more openly with conflict, instead of avoidance. We will explore how early childhood socialization regarding conflict can set you up for a tendency towards avoidance, resulting in frustration, powerlessness and resentment. The theory of cooperative relationships provides a more expansive approach to human relationships. We will learn how to identify when a courageous conversation, particularly across difference, is necessary and how to set it up. Participants will practice phrases and a shift in our language and attitude towards deeper conversations, with a desired outcome of a more positive relationship to conflict.